Sergey Ivancheglo


My name is Sergey Ivancheglo. Also know as Come-From-Beyond.

Actually I am living in Minsk with my second wife Kamila.
My daughter Veronika is from my first wife Julia. You will find photos in the gallery.

I am a self-made multimillionaire. Founder and Ceo of IOTAtoken and Jinn.

I was lead developer of NXT and early adopter of Bitcoin.

Some people are claiming I am arrogant. But actually my doctor attested me having a Narcissistic personality disorder.
It is not a positive diagnosis at all, but it may help others to understand my behavior but also my genius.

I am already planing an even more advanced altcoin, more on this later.


Let's talk about your father, is he happy to see whom you became? So what about your father, did you have any? I see you are upset, go and call your mom, I'll tell her that she should have done abortion.

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No, baby, you are here to entertain me. You obviously fail in jokes and not smart enough to google for some, maybe ask your Admiral_Bit buddy for advice? Both your brains should get enough IQ to solve this simple problem

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Sergey Ivancheglo

Admiral_Bit, relax, accept that your IQ is not high enough to even scratch me. The reality is harsh, I know...

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Come From Beyond

I hope this harsh truth won't make your brain collapse, I can't imagine how it is to feel that your life is useless but I'm afraid it hurts, my condolences to your mom...

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I worry about IQ because low-IQ trolls are unable to entertain me. I used to have at least one joker near me and hoped you would suit this role, unfortunatelly you are not smart enough, so good bye.

PS: You have 10 hours left to PM me the hash.

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